Heavy machinery and herbicides play a critical role in habitat management.  Cost, efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment rely mostly on the design and application of the treatment type.


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 Integrated Brush Control





Design, implementation and follow up 0f mechanical and chemical brush control using chaining, root plowing, grubbing, roller chopping, aerial fixed wing and helicopter, ground broadcast and individual plant treatment.




Prescribed Burning

Identifying pastures that will benefit from a well timed controlled burn.  Assist in the implementation of creating fire breaks, writing a burn plan, and participation during the controlled burn.


Creating Seed Producing Weeds




Set up a plan designed to create areas of seed producing weeds including timing, location and extent of plowing or aerating.






Controlling Invasive Exotic Plants

Identify invasive species and design and implement management to control invasive plants including plowing, herbicides and planting natives.



Native Plant Restoration

Planting recommendations including site preparation, selecting appropriate plants or seeds and planting instructions.